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First United Methodist Church of Springfield

is providing outreach and resources to people and families who are seeking a relationship with God and to other

like-minded individuals and families. We are a community church with programs for everyone.

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June 4, 2017

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Meet our Pastoral Intern!  SPENSER JOHNSON


Spenser Johnson is from Topeka, Kansas. He will graduate from Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas in early August 2017. Spenser is 23 years old.  Spenser has a father, Kevin who works as a correctional officer, a mother, Jill who works in accounting, an older sister, Jennifer who works for the Kansas Highway Patrol, and has a pet Norwegian Elk Hound named Koda. Spenser has started his journey towards Ordained Elderhood in the United Methodist Church. As a Candidate for ministry he will be busy this summer with conferences and retreats. Spenser will start Seminary at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in September of 2017.  Spenser enjoys spending time with family and friends.  He appreciates all of God’s creatures but specifically loves pigs because of their loving nature. Spenser’s favorite sports team are the Kansas City Royals for baseball, and The Chicago Black hawks for Hockey.   Spenser is also known for rapping Christ’s love to those who wish to hear it.

 Growing up in the urban city Spenser has experienced God’s grace through the lifestyles of others.  He really has a calling for prison ministry and police Chaplaincy.  His family line has a thick criminal justice background and Spenser hopes to use it in his calling.  Spenser also enjoys sharing God’s love through meals.  He has worked as a Cook and counselor for Camp Chippewa in Pomona, Kansas.  Spenser’s drive in life is to follow the Lord’s Prayer and “Though will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”, which is why he will work hard to create Heaven on Earth for all of God’s children.

 As an intern at Springfield First United Methodist Church Spenser looks forward to completion many goals including the following:

- Grow and develop servanthood for the church.

- Create policies and procedures for emergency incidences which include fire, severe weather, active shooter, terrorism, bomb threats, etc.

- Learn the culture of the Springfield area by meeting with community members and members of the congregation.

- Lead at least 2 worship services over the 10-week program.

- Perform all duties associated with being a Pastor at Springfield United Methodist Church.


Finally, Spenser’s elevator speech for Christ is this:

God sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.  Each person is given the opportunity to accept Christ in their lives.  Every individual is a sinner.  The price of sin is death.  Thanks to Salvation the price was paid for those who believe.  Spenser wants to create a judge free, hate free world. We as saved individuals desire to live out our faith through actions and as a church should embody Christ. Next time you pass someone on the street who is hungry, one should think what would Jesus do? Or is this Christ who is calling me to be of service?